Steve Hilton: Regardless of Newsom victory, anti-Sacramento establishment movement will build in coming months

California resident and “Next Revolution” host Steve Hilton predicted that even though the Associated Press projects Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom will retain the governorship, thereby rendering an effort to unseat him by Los Angeles Republican Larry Elder a loss, the bipartisan movement championed by Elder will continue to resonate and build in the coming months and years.

Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher, also a California resident, noted the exorbitant cost of living in the Golden State and all of the systemic problems like homelessness, forestry mismanagement and high crime rates – and how they have to date had little effect on Democrats’ stranglehold of the levers of power in Sacramento.

“It will take on monumental movement to get them out of power,” Gallagher said.

“Trace, this is what is so exciting about the recall campaign,” Hilton replied. “I think it has galvanized the movement and I have been here since 2012, nearly ten years. I’ve never seen such energy behind the political movement as we have seen the last few months behind this recall.”

“It’s a beautiful state. We love it,” Hilton said while decrying the “appalling, disastrous governors’ complete mismanagement of every single aspect of running a state, whether that’s housing, homelessness, schools.” Hilton continued, “Not a single thing they have done well. Yet people have kind of put up with it because it’s so beautiful to be here.”

Hilton said that the systemic problems have gotten so bad, otherwise apolitical Californians have begun to take notice, as evidenced by the numbers, albeit reportedly insufficient, of non-Republican voters supporting the ouster of the latest Democratic governor.

“It’s so bad now, you drive around everywhere, not just Central L.A. and San Francisco. You can see the disaster of the homelessness crisis which is really an untreated mental health crisis… People are leaving because they can’t afford to live, they can’t pay the taxes. Businesses are leaving,” he said.

“The reality of the incompetence and the cruelty, and the poor governance – it’s catching up with them.”


He said those truths have “galvanized” the movement currently led by people like Elder.

“[I]t’s going to go on, this movement… There’s a lot of rebels in the state. Not just Republicans: Democrats, independent voters are sick and tired of it. We may not get all the way there in one go tonight with the recall but change is going to come in the governor’s office, in the state legislature, in the district attorney’s offices in big cities like L.A. and San Francisco [where] you have these people on the side of criminals, not victims and regular law-abiding people.”

“Wherever you look, people want change and it’s going to happen one day. Maybe not tonight but it’s going to happen.”

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