Detour Donuts is Peddling Their Goods in Dallas at Foxtrot Markets

Detour Donuts and Coffee is an upscale shop in Plano that is known for eclectic combinations and flavors, all made fresh daily. On Fridays, they have apple fritters, which draw lines longer than their normal everyday lines. Seasonal and even weekly flavors keep each visit fresh.

You can follow along with their offerings on their Instagram page to see what’s new, and it really is a never-ending show of beautiful gluttony. Among the recent offerings are doughnut created to remind you of leftover milk from a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch — inspired by Christina Tosi, the James Beard Award-winning chef behind Milk Bar — a marshmallow fluff-topped s’mores and a turmeric and lavender doughnut.

We met the owner previously; the ambitious Jenni Cho grew up in helping her parents run their own doughnut shop. She had her sights set on med school, but life took a detour and she decided to take what she knew about the bakery business and apply some sheen to it.

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An Old Fashioned and a chocolate glazed from Detour a la Uptown.

Lauren Drewes Daniels

In the three years Detour Donuts has been open, it’s won lots of ribbons and a loyal fan base in Plano. So, when they posted Thursday that they now also sell through both Foxtrot Market in Dallas on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we were pretty excited.

Foxtrot, a small neighborhood deli and store, carries a handful of Detour’s traditional and gourmet doughnuts. Last Friday their options included a glazed Old Fashioned, chocolate iced glazed yeast, crème brulée and a pumpkin cream cheese. It’s not the full slate of flavors, but it’s nice to get a taste of what all the fuss up north is about. If we can put in a request, it would be for those Friday apple fritters. Puh-lease.

Foxtrot Market, 2822 McKinney Ave. (Uptown) and 6565 Hillcrest Ave (University Park); Hours vary a bit by location.

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