Baby races to the fridge as it opens in adorable viral video

If there’s one sound all food lovers can identify, it’s the one of the refrigerator door being cracked open. 

As it turns out, this skill appears to be honed quite early in life – at least for one 10-month-old TikTok star.

In a video that’s been liked nearly one million times, user ambyrnicole_ caught her son racing toward the refrigerator in his walker at a breakneck speed as soon as the door opened. 

He’s not the only baby who turns into a track star when it comes to food. 

“I thought my child was bad,” one user commented. “He’s 15 months and every time he comes running like he’s in the Olympics.” 

“My son is almost 2,” wrote another. “It never stops.” 

“21 month old does the same thing from 10 months takes me to the fridge every five minutes,” said one user. 

Many comments were on how the TikTok users could see themselves in the baby. “I mean. haven’t we all done this before?” said one. And another, “I relate to this at the deepest level.”

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