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Welcome To Jigga City! Baton Rouge, Please Stand Up! (Video) – The Shade Room

“This one is for the jiggalaters!”

Whew, chile! If you didn’t know any better, a few of these videos on social media will have you thinking that jigging doesn’t even exist. Oh, but don’t worry! I’m ‘bout to teach you something.

It’s no secret that down South we have our own culture. When you get to Louisiana, it’s indeed another world in and of itself.

Besides the food, we already know the culture is filled with beaucoup dance styles and one being “Jigging.”

Created in Baton Rouge, jigging is a dance where you just go crazy on the dance floor. Right foot, left foot, stomp, stomp, move your arms, and get out your body, and bayyybbbeee, it’s a whole mood.

Trust me! By the time you get done, your knees will be aching and you’re definitely sweating. But who cares? It’s Jigga City, baby!

If you travel to some parts of Texas or Mississippi and you see this dance, don’t be surprised. ‘Cause we jigg, too. It’s an entire region that’s impacted by the Raq. Swipe & hit that #BOWBOWBOW to see what we’ve been doing since the early 2000’s

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