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RHOA’s Peter Thomas Stirs The Pot With Post Calling Out ‘Fake’ Women Wanting Real Men – The Shade Room

Chile, somebody give Peter Thomas his peach already. Fresh off the bonnet debate, former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas decided to spark another debate on social media, and this time he’s calling out the fake.

Peter, posting from his Bar One Miami Beach location, shared a post on his Instagram calling out “fake” women for wanting real men.

The controversial post called out women for having fake butts, hair, nails and friends but in turn wanting “real” men.

Peter shared the post with the caption, “This is funny and real as f**k.”

Some Roommates were quick to drag him for his stance while others supported his message.

“Uncle Ben please stop,” one person wrote.

“The same way men want a LOYAL WOMAN but can’t spell loyal to save their life,” another commented.

But others felt Peter wasn’t wrong for his sentients.

“He do got a point tho? No Cap,” a roommate said in support of Peter.

Others used this opportunity to poke fun at his infamous past marriage to “Housewives” star Cynthia Bailey.

“If you miss Cynthia, just say that,” a Roommate wrote.

The last place we left off with Peter and Cynthia wasn’t all that good. While Cynthia has moved on with her new husband Mike Hill, it seems there were some ends of her past relationship with Peter that didn’t get tied up so neatly.

At the end of 2020, we reported that Cynthia had filed a lawsuit against Peter for an unpaid $170,000 loan on his then foreclosed nightclub Bar One.

Peter said he was shocked by the suit and told Michelle Brown from Straight From The A that they agreed that payments for the loan wouldn’t start until February 2021. 

We’ll keep you posted on that one.

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